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About us

As China Youth robot contest committee members of the unit, International Robot Olympiad Committee member units, national primary and secondary school information technology innovation and practice cooperation unit, the robot education association member unit, the central dianjiaoguan "Eleventh Five Year" national educational technology research key topics "experimental base" Ziguang technology Ltd. actively enterprising, pioneering and innovative, has become a set of optical, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech enterprises. Solid technical strength, the multidisciplinary comprehensive advantages, the purple companies continue to grow, record breaking success, 6 national patents. While the company is keen on innovation of science and technology, the company is committed to the popularization of social science, and promote the basic quality education.

Purple light company in the absorption of the Korean advanced science and technology at the same time, the introduction of international advanced education idea, the promotion of robot education in China, to build China's national brand robot! The modern science and technology into the scientific and educational activities of young people, cooperation in the development of robot classroom education, the creation of teacher training courses, international, domestic robot competition and international counterparts, the company to promote scientific education for young people, with advanced science and technology, new education ideas, serve the society.

● And central dianjiaoguan cooperation, with the domestic well-known university established "to promote the intelligent robot application in teaching and innovation practice of regional policy research group, in Robot form of teaching and research, in the country to promote the popularity.

● With the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department of education and research department to prepare the information technology textbook, the robot education in primary and secondary school nine years of compulsory education.

● In cooperation with the China Association for science and technology, undertake "China Youth robot competition routine event competition of the special mission - IARC, and strive to build China robot competitions.

● With the "national primary and secondary school information technology innovation and practice" NOC organizing committee co organized the robot "environmental protection theme" routine competition, improve the environmental protection consciousness and the popularization of information technology education through the environmental protection competition.

●Cooperation with the International Robot Olympiad IROC China Affairs Bureau, the organization of teachers and students to participate in international and domestic robot competitions and exchanges, and constantly improve the robot education and international influence.